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Current WinTax version: 2019.7.2

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Download WinTax version 2019.7.2  (Released June 18, 2019)

Release information:

- Canada Revenue Agency has not issued a July 2019 tax table update this year.
- An update to the July 2019 version is still required in order to process any pay on or after July 1, 2019.

Here are some of the enhancements in this version:
- Added the ability to specify a company logo to be used on the pay statement
- Automatic recovery of damaged user database
- Fixed rare error in direct deposit processing
- Fixed error when a temp file could not be created
- Add company setting for a default employee filter (e.g. All, Active, etc) on startup
- Add company setting for default pay group on startup
- Added auto-save feature as a fail-safe for a damaged database
- Minor change to the adjustment screen


Canadian Payroll Book

Payroll Guide-Small Business

This book is a one-stop reference tool to demystify Canadian payroll. This book introduces the basic concepts of payroll, accurate and efficient payroll processing, provincial employment standards and CRA tax regulations.

Topics include the following:

tax information for Ontario;

federal and Ontario employment standards;

step-by-step examples of payroll processing using a free payroll tax calculator; and

links to important websites.

Buy it at  Amazon.ca
Buy it at  Kobo.ca
Buy it at  Smashwords.com

Free Payroll Calculator

WinTax Software

Free 2019 Canadian Payroll Tax Calculator

Online Payroll Calculator
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                            - English and French
All provinces (Including Québec)
                            - CRA and Revenu Québec remittance information  
                            - Net to Gross pay calculation
                            - Business number/SIN verification function
                            - Customization of 'Calculation Results Report'
                                - Earning and deduction descriptions
 Unlimited number of earnings and deductions
                                - Position of items on the report
                                - Selection of items to print
                                - User supplied report description, names 
                                - Print or save report as PDF file
                                - Easy to read report with all rates and limits

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